Monday, July 30, 2012

NEVER USE PAYPAL! - Why independent cam girls and their clients should never use PayPal for Cam Shows

I was always one of those girls who had so many places to process, I didn'teven bother with paypal. Even after going indy.

 It wasn't till I had a long time regular start refusing to use mainstream sites or processors  and insisting on paypal that I decided to relent.  I figured 'im not going to say no to money' I already was using a 'business name' for something completely un-related as I did have regular legitimate business going through that account.   I also trusted this regular not to refund/report me to paypal. (Obviously)

Eventually he faded away, and I nearly forgot about him till I got a 'NOTICE OF SUSPENSION' 'pending investigation' from paypal.

 The end result was the loss of my paypal account and a $500.00 fine (WHAT?!)   After all had settled I figured 'hmm... maybe I can contact guy and find out WHY this happened and possibly get him to split the fine with me. 

Apparently his PayPal had been shut down and fined first . After which, they performed an investigation on every account that had sent or received money from his account. Suspending and fining every account they 'suspected' had been using paypal for anything against their TOS.

Guess what happened next?...

  The investigation then led to every account that I had ever sent money to and from.
Thankfully I had only ever sent or received money (for adult services)  from this one guy.   Being as I still had a legitimate business and was now worried that all of my affiliated accounts would also be shut down.

Because of this fearI was forced to have an awkward and honest conversation regarding this issue with paypal staff.   ... Awesome.

I guess all and all I can only blame myself (and my client... haha)

I was speaking to a girlfriend of mine last night who wanted to start accepting paypal but "do it correctly so that she is safe"  I told her this story and then realized I have told this story so many times... 'maybe I should blog this' 

So here you go..


Monday, May 2, 2011

Cam Girls - Want to go independent? Get your own website complete with payment processing!

Cam Girls - Want to go independent? Get your own website complete with payment processing! http:/

So I had written an earlier post about  The same guy has started up a new venture in making sites for girls.  check it out at the link above.

Happy camming!


Friday, December 17, 2010

How to Become an Independent Cam Girl / Webcam Model

I have been a cam girI for a few years now. I decided to go independent and wanted to share my experiences so far.

  I started off working on pay sites, but eventually got fed up with the constant changes, privacy issues payment issues etc..

I went independent about a year ago and have done very well for my self since. The first few months were rough but I kept working on the pay sites till my traffic got going.

I started off by building my own site which was a good starting point but my site wasnt very 'SEO' friendly, meaning the search engines couldnt find it easily so it wasnt ranked high, I still did ok over the last year, I kept looking for sites to link back to my site and just plugging along.

I found a site That had some other independent girls listed and I asked them to list my site. Once my site was listed my traffic exploded and I havnt looked back.. I noticed the site ranked high on google and started talking to the owner about how to get my own site to rank high. He mentioned that he builds sites and I asked him how much, he told me $149 or $89 if i sign up to host gater though his affiliate link. I held off at first but finally decided i might as well have someone else build it and make it rank better with google. I LOVE my new site and honestly I think it was well worth the 80 bucks. Granted it did cost a little money out of pocket to get set up, but It was well worth it to not have my sales cut down to 35% and 50%

I just wanted to let you all know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and you dont HAVE to work for some of these BS sites. If you can build a basic site, thats all you need. if not then you can have one built for you relatively cheap.

I also use camgirlservices payment processing and live video chat on my private site.

NEVER USE PAYPAL!!!!  I had a client who only wanted shows through paypal.  As he was a long time regular and I totally trusted him I figured 'paypal or not, im not going to turn away a show'  So We continued using paypal and everything was fine for a while...  then eventually he fades away and i nearly forgot about him till the day I was slapped with an account suspension and a $500.00 fine.   (WHAT?!)  I contacted my old client and he had told me that apparently, they had shut down or 'suspended pending investigation' which had sent or received money from him.  What is worse..  I was on the "Pending investigation" list which means that all my other paypal associates may have had the same thing happen to them

The next step is getting links to and from your site. Find independent cam girls to trade banners with and go to their friends page to find more cam girls to link to.

I wish everyone here the best of luck and feel free to contact me if you need help with going independent.

Xoxo ,

A Cam Girl.